Labuan Bajo to Ende

Meeting Eddy & Ute – cycling through Asia and now landed on Flores – planning to cycle from Labuan Bajo to Ende

They are looking at Flores Homestay Network locations. They won’t be able to reach all since they use regular bikes – not mountainbikes – so they will stick to the paved roads – also beautiful and exciting 🙂

Follow they cycling adventure on Flores via their blog



For Mangrove & Bird lovers…….

Maumere – Reroroja 35 km – mostly flat – or ‘false flat’ 🙂 and some steep slopes on the way


A great day trip for nature lovers. Reroroja is a small desa, about 18 homes, all community members related to Babah Akong.                                                                                                     Babah Akong is an environmental hero. He and his family have successfully rehabilitated the Mangrove which had been destroyed when the 1992 Tsunami hit this region. When you visit the village just ask for a tour across the Mangrove and please leave a donation for their conservation efforts.

Babah Akong speaks no English, so non-Bahasa Indonesia speakers just have to manage. For the tour through the Mangrove you need no words though, it is so impressive. You traverse a swamp with lots of seedlings in the Mangrove nurseries and then you cross a 300 meter bamboo bridge through the Mangrove. The area is teaming with crabs, bees and birds. There are two watch towers along the way, just climb up to overlook the area. At the end you see a small lake and after that… pristine beach where sea turtles breed and where pelican stop over during their migration (only twice a year!) Ask Babah Akong if you may see his library. Once inside you will see the recognition for his accomplishment – he received many awards for his conservation work.

The community was supported by Wetlands and Partners for Resilience

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Welcome to contribute to this site!

Please support further development of mountain biking on Flores by sharing your experiences, good trails, tips for other adventurers, great spots you passed, levels, length of stretches you cycled, maps you used or made – handwritten also welcome 🙂

We started one as an example – in the area of Homestay Pemo near Kelimutu – please note: this map is not perfect yet 🙂


All tips welcome 🙂 You are paving the way for others !

Video about Pemo


Explore beautiful Lembata

Bring your own bike because rental facilities not yet developed !
Sleep over in Flores Homestay Network accommodation
for info contact Marta Muslin in Labuan Bajo (Flores Homestay Network coördinator) at: +62(0)81338511345
or Tony at Lembata Tourism at +62(0)81337100089

Make your way from Maumere to Larantuka and cross over to Lembata by ferry or on the fast boat Fantasia (approx 125.000 IDR)
Takes about 1 hr to reach Lewoleba on Lembata – one short stop on the way in Adonara harbour – then on to Lewoleba.

Once you reach Lembata explore 🙂
Lots to see – traditional weaving, the famous Ile Ape vulcano, sunset at Wangatoa Beach, visit a mangrove rehabilitation program at Desa Kolontobo, go to Lamalera and visit Wulandoni famous and colourful barter market

Lamalera is famous for it’s whaling culture. Community life evolves around whaling and fishing, a tradition of many generations.

The road from Lewoleba to Lamalera is mostly up-hill, crossing Lembata mountainous area, last part winding down back to the sea, to Lamalera.

Tip 1: You can also take a lift on the daily truck with your bike from Lewoleba to Lamalera and make your way back biking.
Tip 2: Take a boat ride back with your bike on one of the local fishing boats in Lamalera – discuss fair price with one of the fishermen – go along the south coast of Lembata back to Lewoleba
Tip 3: Find accommodation in one of the Homestays


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Flores Pictures & Blog

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Overnight in Nita at Flores Homestay Lepo Lorun (7 km west of Maumere)  or at Pantai Paris at Ibu Susi’s
and then……..

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Exploring the North Road from Maumere to Mbai. Too much to see for one pair of eyes.
First part of the road is perfect. We turned right at the fork where you also can go straight to Ende. The road is on and off paved, some stretches are dirt road, basically almost all the way to Mbay.
Spectactular sceneries all the way. Make sure you bring lots to drink. You will pass market and small warung, no ‘supermarkets’ along the way though 🙂
Passing lots of small kampung with communities which have been resettled after vulcano eruption on Pulau Palue on 10 August 2013. Meeting Maria in the only Rumah Makan in Wolowae. Delicious lunch with prawns, chicken, fish, local vegetables and rice plus a free coffee at 60.000 IDR.
Crossing rivers and endless empty lands with forests and swamps. Passing rice fields, cashew and coconut. Learning about Domba (sheep) which can live in Nagekeo because of the vast hills with grass, Learning about salt – Near Mbay developing the second largest salt production of Indonesia. Along this track no Flores Homestays yet, so you need to find your own accommodation – just ask around. Please offer your host a fair 120.000 IDR per person for the night.
Overnight in Mbay in Hotel Sinar Kasih. Breathtaking views all along, so natural, so beautiful and so undeveloped.

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